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    Welcome to CTL Online

    CTL Online is Crisis Text Line's portal for applicants, trainees, and crisis counselors.

    Counseling shifts take place on the Crisis Text Line Platform (or “the platform”) at app.crisistextline.org.

    The Help Center can be found at crisistextline.zendesk.com.


    Yay! You're interested in becoming a Crisis Counselor and saving lives with us! You're applying at an exciting time: we're redesigning our application and all of the training materials.

    Because of these exciting changes, we're having to pause applications for one week. (Yeah. We're bummed too.)

    But don't go anywhere! Here are a few things you can do while you wait for the new app to open up:

    We promise you will hear from us on June 28th. Super excited!

    The Application team at Crisis Text Line


    • Training: Head to Canvas and learn those skills!

    Crisis Counselors

    • Training: Revisit the training modules for a refresher.
    • Shift Scheduling: View your schedule, sign up for your permanent shift, take time off, and schedule a make-up shift.