CTL Online

    #Welcome to CTL Online CTL Online is Crisis Text Line's portal for applicants, trainees, and crisis counselors. Counseling shifts take place on the Crisis Text Line Platform (or “the platform”) at app.crisistextline.org. The Help Center can be found at crisistextline.zendesk.com. ###Applicants - Apply Now: Start your application. It’s quick - 20 to 30 minutes - but you can save it and return to it at any time if needed. - Revisit your unfinished application at online.crisistextline.org/application. ##Application Deadlines & Acceptance Dates For your application to be considered complete, please obtain two references in addition to the application itself. Admissions are on a rolling basis. If accepted, you will have the option to choose between four different training cohorts - a new cohort starts every two weeks. ###Trainees - Training: Head to Canvas and learn those skills! ###Crisis Counselors - Training: Revisit the training modules for a refresher. - Shift Scheduling: View your schedule, sign up for your permanent shift, take time off, and schedule a make-up shift.